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Stun Gun

What is Stun Gun?

A Stun Gun is an electrical self defense weapon that momentarily induces the high voltage electric shock to immobilize the attacker without causing any serious or permanent injury. This device can be used as a deterrent to temporarily disable the attacker and providing you the opportunity to escape to safe place. While using the Stun Gun, you need to be within the arms length of the attacker so that you can touch the attacker with the Stun gun and make him paralyze for about half an hour.

How Stun Gun Works?

A Stun Gun keys into the nervous system dumping the entire attacker’s energy into the muscles. This causes the loss of balance in attacker’s body, making the attacker disoriented and sleeps off for about half an hour. For how much longer you touch the attacker with the prongs of Stun Gun, the Stun Gun effect will last for that much long time. This electric shock will not pass from person to person.

As a normal rule, for one and half second electric contact can repel and startle the attacker, giving some pain and muscle contraction. For next one to two seconds the attacker feels muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. Over three seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. Realize that 3 seconds is quite a long time when in a physical struggle. Every person is reacts differently to the effects of a stun gun. What may put one person down in 3 seconds could take 5 seconds on another person.

Stun Gun and Voltage

Stun Gun emits low amperage but high voltage shock in the body of attacker. There are various types of Stun Gun available in the market having different voltage levels as well. You need the high voltage to emit in attacker’s body to paralyze him buy low amperage to make the attackers body physically less injured. Most stun guns on the market today are only 1-2 amps. Voltage Level of the electric shock can be in the millions of watts.

Advantages of Stun Gun

  1. 1. Stun Gun comes in various shapes, making them easier to use quickly like Lipstick Stun Gun.
  2. 2. This device is a very good alternative to real firearms which are seem to be as dangerous.
  3. 3. No need to secure license to carry the Stun Gun meanwhile no need to spend a lot of money and time in securing a license.
  4. 4. When you emit the electric signals of stun gun on attackers, it does not cause permanent injury or harm to the attacker. The attacker get only disabled, incapacitated or unconscious for a certain period of time.