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SRT without doubt the most reputed and recognized firm introducing the variety of security and surveillance products. We have been in the market from last 10 years and have been able to make a good place for ourselves in this line of business. We are happy that our clients trust us and it’s just only because of our customers that we are holding this strong position in the market. We addresses your needs with utmost care and makes your satisfaction in whatever the way you want. We deal in the various devices like Mobile Jammer, Spy Cards, Spy Software, Spy camera and Stun gun.

Mobile Jammer

Today, cell phones are everywhere and used widely by people everywhere. It’s great to call anyone anytime and anywhere. But, unfortunately movie theatres, concerts, churches and shopping malls suffers from the spread of cell phones because not all the cell phone users know when and where they should not talk on cell phone. So at some places cell phones networks need to be disrupted. Mobile jammer is an instrument used for disrupting mobile phone signals so that cell phone can’t receive signal from base station. Mobile Jammers are installed in no disturbance zones like schools, colleges, theaters, churches and operating rooms. Jamming device overpowers the cell phone by transmitting a signal on the same frequency and at a high enough power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out.

Spy Cards

In the old times, people used to spend their spare time in playing cards. Playing cards is a traditional indoor game of India from a long time like Mahabharata. But now this traditional culture has evolved and these playing card games like Blackjack, Poker, Rummy etc. have wide spread all across the world. Every card player dreams to win the card game and want to earn bucks of money. Now with the advancement of science, we had introduced the Spy Cards that help you to win all the Poker games and earn a huge amount of money. These cards have invisible marks on back side that can be seen only when you are wearing the soft contact lens. So now don’t think yourself weak and play poker games as much as you want. .

Spy Software

In today’s world of vulnerable complexities there is something very important to think about, Right? All parents want to safe their kids from complexities without intruding into their lives too much. Being an employer, you want to check whether the employees are completely doing up to their efficiency for your business or wasting time during workplace by chatting on social media or any another. If you feel that your spouse is betraying you or having an outside affair with someone. Spy Software an innovative device can help you to track all the mobile phone activities of your employee, kids or spouse. This is all in one solution for monitoring activity and can be easily installed in the target person mobile phone. Once installed, you can track all mobile phone activities like internet activities, read contact history and track social networking apps whatsapp, Viber, hike etc. and can safe your kids and your business.

Spy Camera

A Spy Camera is a revolutionary device in the market that is capable of capturing the video of a location or image of a targeted person secretly without the suspected person being known about that. This device is mainly used for security and surveillance operations in commercial places. Spy camera is a complete surveillance tool and it must be used properly if you want to spy on someone secretly. Spy Camera can be either wired or wireless. This is the best device if you want to keep a secret eye on your kids in your absence what they are doing, on visitors. You can use this device in your business to keep a secret eye on your employees just sitting in your room and can increase their efficiency.

Stun Gun

Today women safety is very important and sensitive topic of entire world. Women are not safe anywhere today as we see daily in trains, buses, and metros or public places how some bad people misbehaves with women and tries to harass them in every how manner and that time women feel helpless. Crime rate against women is increasing day by day. It’s not possible for police also to be on the place of mishappening against women. So, women need to be brave and secure themselves from the rapist and betrayer. For Women we have introduced the Stun Gun the best security and safety device to protect women themselves. Stun Gun induces electric shock electric shock in the body of attacker meanwhile the attacker get paralyzed or unconscious for about half an hour and you can escape to the safe place or seek for help. This is the best safety tool for women as they get encourage to fight against the worst situation and safe them.


Live Demo

SRT offers a live demo of all the spy gadgets to our prestigious customers who visit our shop and the product is hand over to the customer only when you are satisfied with our quality and loyalty.

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We offer the fast shipping on every product that the customer purchase. We have taken our shipping services to advance level so that we can reach more buyers. We deliver the products to customers within 24 hours.

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We offer our customers Cash on Delivery facility. You need not to worry that you have to pay via cards. Beside, you can make payment once the product is hand over onto your hands physically.

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We support our customers 24*7 hours online or offline. You can call our helpline number on the website. We are always happy and eager to solve your any query and any problem in using the product.

What is Mobile Jammer

A Mobile Jammer is a revolutionary device in the market used to disrupt or block cellular signals in locations where silence is expected or where using a phone would be impolite or rude. Mobile Jammer when used effectively disables the cellular phones by creating some sort of interference at the same frequency range that the cell phone use. Mobile Jammers must be used properly wherever it is used. It’s also been a useful method for blocking signals to prevent terrorist attacks.

Application Sectors of Mobile jammer

Mobile Jammer is preferable in the places where you want to disrupt the cell phones signals and where the silence is expected or where using phone is impolite or rude.
This device is widely used in places like:

Public places like Theatres, Churches, Schools, Colleges
Operating Rooms
Defense Sector
Office Premises where meeting are done

How Mobile Jammer works?

A Mobile Jammer works by creating the signal interference between mobile phone and base station.

The Mobile jammer disrupts the communication by sending ‘J ‘with greater power and at a frequency similar to that of ‘M’. ‘J ‘from the jammer will cause interference to ’M’, thereby making the mobile phone unusable. Mobile phone jammer can work either by disrupting base station to phone frequencies or mobile phone to base station frequencies.

Most of the Cell phones shows no signal or no network when the Mobile Jammer comes in the ACTIVE mode. But when the Mobile Jammer comes to OFF mode, the cell phones become ACTIVE and reestablish communication with the cellular base stations. Mobile Jammer operations can be effected by the various factors like temperature, humidity, presence of building and landscape, tower proximity etc.

Block Diagram of Mobile Jammer

Srt Products

The basic devices present in Mobile Jammer are:

Antenna: Mobile Jammer use an antenna to send the RF Signal produced in the jammer.
Oscillator: Used to generate the RF Signal.
Tuning Circuit: It controls the frequency at which jammer produces the RF Signals.
Noise Generator: RF signal is made to a specified frequency and made random.
RF Amplification: It boosts the RF signal.
Power Supply: Mobile jammers are battery operated devices.


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